About Us

The MetroPower electrician team with their vehiclesOver 20 years ago MetroPower opened its doors for electrical service and construction with one goal in mind…success.  We began by joining the Chamber of Commerce and getting involved in the community.  We knew that in order to build the business, we had to first build relationships and that is how MetroPower became what it is today.

At MetroPower, we believe in our people and are growing our company through a highly educated and skilled workforce.  Training and educating our employees guarantees that we will produce quality work in a safe environment which leads to our ultimate goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

MetroPower Company Service VehiclesMetroPower is part of the MetroPower, Inc. family.  MetroPower, Inc. was organized in 1979 in Atlanta, Georgia.  The business is owned by PPC Partners, Inc., an employee owned company.  Over the past two decades, the company has grown to cover a large portion of the Southeast with branches in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida.

MetroPower is directed by Old Testament wisdom and Jesus’ example.  We are an employee owned company that embraces the principles of Servant Leadership.